Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bowling and Cross Stitching

Today started out early. I went over to help Cherrill with her socks this morning. It was raining most of the morning. We had the day to ourselves since Katt had plans.

Patrick and I made a trip to Costco. We picked up some meat and came home.

While Patrick was at the dentist, I got tired and took a nap. Then I picked up my cross stitch and got a few stitches in.

I was able to get more of the house then I thought. I'm really loving the changes that are going on. The dress is coming out more and the house is starting to show up. I have missed not being able to work on this. 

Before I worked on the "Nantucket Rose," I pulled this back out and worked on it. I finished up the 3rd part. Now I can wait another week for the next part. 

We had bowling tonight. I bowled a 204, 174, 137. Not my best bowling but did pretty good. I received worked one of my family members is in the hospital, so will wait and see how she is doing. Wish I was getting more information, but that's life. 

May we all be Happy Quilting!

Spending The Day With Mom

It snowed more last night. Soooo, this morning was all white. It was gorgeous! Patrick said to wait till 10 am before going out. I decided...