Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Didn't Make It To QOV

Today was a good day over all.

I haven't been feeling all that good about what I want to do lately. I'm tired of quilting...again. I'm wanting to get some of my quilting stuff done, but really not into it lately. This is going to be awhile I think. I hope to get out of this feeling, because there are quilts that I can finish before the year is over.

After our walk today, I came home and worked on MTurk. I haven't done that in a good two months. I had a couple contact me to finish the survey I did a couple months back. I was able to get a few done.

Next I pulled out my Brazilian embroidery.

I finished this up today. I'm not real happy with the flowers, but they look better in person. I have another one to do tomorrow. This way I can have some samples for the demo next week. Then I will have a couple of blocks for the quilt. We all win!

I didn't go to the QOV meeting today because I wasn't into it. Donna gave up two quilts for quilting, so I'll do the binding when it comes back. I'm excited about that, because I'm not doing anything for them. This way I can still help out!

My pattern that I got off eBay came in. This is the one I had, and sold. Now I have it back. lol I'm going to do the family tree on this one. It's going to be one of my next ones. I'm trying really hard to stick with the two I'm doing right now.

The cat came in the house for a little bit. It was nice. She seems to be getting used to coming in.

So, my day, if one can call it that, was "okay." Think I'm getting tired of helping everyone. I need to check on Ruth's stuff too. Between my neighbors, I don't seem to have the time I would like to have to myself. I'm getting tired of going to put socks on for my other neighbor, and I'm not seeing an end to it. When Ruth comes home Friday, I'll have to start getting up earlier again....not what I would like since I've gotten used to getting up later. So, I guess one can say, today was my "feeling sorry for myself" day. Oh, well. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Stay Happy Quilting!

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