Thursday, November 17, 2016

Got A Cold! UGH

Last night when we went to bed, it took me till 2 pm to warm up and get some sleep. I called Ruth and told her I wouldn't be going. Mom called at 9:30 am to see when I was going over. That woke me up. 

I got ready to go. I went over to moms and she was waiting for a guy to come around for painting the inside of the house. She's going toward that green she ALWAYS get for her walls. I'm so sick of that color, it's not funny. 

Then after waiting an hour and feeling like crap, we went to the Gathering Place. There we basted her quilt. 

Here's mom working on her side. We basted it in about 2 hours. We had a lot of people coming and going. Mom was enjoying the "ahhs" and "oows" the whole time. 

This is now ready to quilt. Mom wants to have it quilted by the time they have the Christmas Party at the Gathering Place. We talked about how to quilt it. She wanted to do the cross hatching to get it done quicker but I told her she needed to do the feather wreath. We'll see how she quilts it. 

I didn't get much done in the way of quilting or cross stitch. Now I'm heading to bed. (smiling)

Happy Quilting!

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