Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Day Home....And Bowling

Today started out early. Went walking with Ruth and then to the neighbors to help with the socks.

Came home with Kitty and we spent the day together. I worked on my cross stitch.

I got another 150 stitches in. I also worked on the laundry while I could. I actually enjoyed the day to myself.

I also went downstairs and found a few patterns (new) and other stuff for the Christmas gifts for the two groups. I'm happy to be giving away a few patterns I thought I would do, and realized that wouldn't be the case. Maybe someone else can enjoy the patterns. I got some needles and pins for the other group.

We went bowling - still not doing that good.  I bowled a 143, 181, 166. I really need to get back to my normal! I lost another pin in my average. It's easy to loose the points but it's really hard to gain them....ugh. We lost all four games.

Life is good, and it's starting to snow. Best time to be Happy Quilting!

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