Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Day of Shopping

This morning it was 21 degrees, so we didn't walk. I spent a few minutes with Miss Kitty and then had to help my neighbor.

Called mom to see when she wanted to go. She said we'd leave about 11 am. I finished helping my neighbor around that time and then went to meet up with the folks. Dad decided he was going to go as well. Arrived around 11:30 am and we were off by 11:50 am. Dad had to stop at Les Schwab to get the car tires full of air. Then we were off to Costco. We got there and waited for a spot in the parking lot. Dad's driving is one that makes me want to drive! We got 2 shopping carts....I walked around with a cart empty half the time. Mom and dad loaded up on what they needed....or wanted. We come out with a lot of candy and food.....2 hours later. We got home around 3 pm and I helped mom order some clothes she wanted. I placed 3 orders for her and then came home......4:15 pm. I did stop and get gas.

Arrived home and had to get supper going. I was able to get dinner in a few minutes so we could head out to and busy day!

Went bowling and won two games. I bowled a 176, 156, 191. At least my average didn't go anywhere. Took me two games to figure out what I was doing wrong..go figure! Patrick didn't do so good, so I may be getting caught up to him yet! crafts today...Happy Quilting!

Spent The Afternoon Volunteering With Mom

This morning I was up and getting supper ready for the crock pot. I knew I wouldn't be home till after 5:30 pm and really didn't wan...