Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Day of Stitching

Today started out with Kitty meowing for me to open the door. We keep her in the garage if she will go at night. Then Patrick opens the door for her. She let me know she was out. So, I got up and opened the door to have her meowing at me while I'm making the bed. I finally sat down for her to sit with me. Ended up giving a lot of TLC for about an hour. So, we a little late in going to see Cherrill.

Came back and got laundry going. I did a couple loads and still have more to do. At least it's not coming out of the basket anymore.

Enjoyed the afternoon stitching.

I was able to get another 300 stitches in and hope to get even more done tonight. The sleeves are coming together. The confetti is driving me nuts though. I found a couple times I had the wrong color going and had to take it out. It all depends, if I park in the right spot. The sleeves are a little easier to work on and go a lot quicker.

I filled up my jewelry box that Patrick got for me. I found a few things I forgot I had and then I thought of a couple things I didn't know what I did with. Patrick found a necklace that Katt had in her stuff that was mine. The chain was broken. So, I need to get that fixed. I have about 10 charms that need the chair to them. I'll be working on that next I guess. Funny how happens. Katt loved my jewelry and after a while I gave up getting upset about her taking them.

Patrick brought in my box that I had been waiting on. The first box I got was broke so asked for a replacement because of damage. So, I took all three of my floss boxes and put the floss in here. I gave the older boxes to Patrick. One of my boxes was broken and decided instead of getting another smaller box, I'd get this box that holds a TON of floss. I have room for more. If I even get to rolling my floss, I may fill it up yet! It has a longer slot on both sides. I can put the threads that I need to roll in there or even scissors or other tools for cross stitch. I do like how it's all in one box.

I copied the pattern for the baby stitch. I'll put it together and have it ready for Thursday or Friday when I have to go to staples. Then I'll get it enlarged and work on that after the first of the year.

Okay, time to get back to stitching! Happy Stitching!

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