Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Getting Closer to the Holidays

Today I was up and running at 7:30 am. I went over to the neighbors to help with her socks. I had one more day and then her daughter will be here. Then I can be on my own till after after the holidays.

Came home and worked on my SAL (stitch along).

I was able to get part 6 done.

I like the way it's coming. Since I have a lot of green on this, my camera picked up all that green. The background is not that dark.

Then it was time to work on my secretary stuff for the water. After that I worked on our account balance. All's good. I also worked on laundry all day.

Called and complained about not getting Patrick's gift right. This was the third time. The idiot yesterday sent me a return for the item. I told the guy today I didn't want to return it, I wanted the rest of it. So, they credited me for that order and ordered it again. Of course that's going to cost me another $3. Oh, well...life goes on.

I'm having to go to moms tomorrow to make candy. Not sure I really want to go, but I will. We'll be there again Thursday for a big family meal, since my brother and his family is here.

Not sure what tonight will bring, but I'm game for what comes next. I'm probably going to watch a movie and enjoy my stitching.....Happy Stitching!

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