Monday, December 5, 2016

Meeting Cancelled Due to SNOW

This morning started out early. As I got out of the shower, Patrick told me Ruth wasn't walking because it was snowing. So, I spent an hour enjoying time to myself. (Should have went back to bed!)

Walked over to the neighbors and got her socks on. Then came home realizing the snow wasn't stopping. I called Pat Campbell about our meeting. She had to drive to Kent to get home. I was concerned about her driving that long in this weather. She wanted to get home before more snow hit up there. We decided to cancel the meeting. Called a couple of the people to tell them. Called Georgie and told her we'd go to Felicia's husband's next time.

So, I cleaned, did laundry and enjoyed my time with Miss Kitty. I put the collar on her, and she didn't seem to mind. She was freaking out at times when the extra part of the collar would move on her. The collar was a little big. We'll see how it goes. She spent most of the day with me.

I decided since I had the time at home, I would work on my birds. I got the bottom bird done - I think. I need to do the base of the feeder before I do the other bird. Realized I should have done it before I did that bird. I may do it next and if I have to fix the bird, I will.

I need to print out my SAL pattern for the next step. I don't want to get behind on this. I have a couple weeks from last Friday. So, if I get it done this week, that would keep me on schedule.

I picked up my applique stuff and put them all in the bucket I have for my projects. That way they are ready to work on and I'm not forgetting something. I have a couple more blocks downstairs that I need to add to the box. That way I can pick the one I'm in the mood to do.

This week is so full! I think there is a Christmas Party for my TAS group. Trouble is, I'm not ready...I've been so busy with dad that I haven't had the chance to even think about TAS. I may just pass up the party and see everyone the following meeting. I feel bad, I haven't been to a TAS or QOV meeting in 3 months.....didn't realize it was that long.

The holidays are here and I'm behind on getting Patrick his gifts. I'll have to get busy on the computer and find something for him....ugh.

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