Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trip To Seattle

Today was an early morning with Ruth. We walked Miss Kitty. She followed us the whole time.

We (Kitty and I) spent the morning relaxing. She layed by me while I played a few games on the laptop. I got some laundry done as wel. She's getting more relaxed around me, now to get her that way around Patrick. Had to ask my neighbor to feed Kitty tomorrow morning. They are watching the house.

Patrick left work early because of the traffic jam on I-5. We were at my parents by 3:30 pm. Then we headed to Seattle. We are staying at a hotel cose to Harborview Medical Center. Dads appointment is early tomorrow. We stopped at the restaurant here at the hotel. Expensive but pretty good.

I brought my cross stitch of the Mayflower. Just as I was trying to work on it, I realized I forgot my magnifier I use. Since the fabric is 32 ct, it's not as easy to do without my glass. So, I worked on wrapping the floss onto the boards.

So, I worked on my applique butterflies for the quilt mom and I are doing. Got one done. Will get more done tomorrow while waiting for dad.

Happy Quilting!!

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