Friday, December 9, 2016

Trying Something New

Today I was up and laid down on the couch to go back to sleep. Had Miss Kitty with me. She was okay with being that close to me.

I went over to our neighbors to put her socks on. It was raining. We still have snow on the ground. So, with this rain and what's left on the ground, chances are it's going to be icy tomorrow.

I thought I would try and do a video for left handed cross stitch. I can't figure out how to put the two video's together. I'll work on it. I also found the lighting was bad. I will redo the video and try again. I couldn't figure out how to do the camera while I'm doing cross stitch. I had it in my lap, which actually worked, till my magnifying started moving. It got in the way. It actually helped with the close up on the camera but when it shifted, then one couldn't see what I was doing. If I hadn't had that problem, it would have been a good video. I may do it later downstairs and have the lights on.

I then went downstairs and started pulling stuff out for Christmas decorations. I looked at the stack and lost my interest! It's a pain pulling all that stuff out of under the stairs....I need to figure a better way to get to my decorations....ugh.

I did get a few stitches in on my SAL. It's coming along. I have a few more stitches to add then I can put in away till next Friday. I like how it's coming out. The colors are great.

I got one of Patrick's gifts in, and I seriously need to get moving on getting him something else. I'm so far behind on this Christmas! I have do a gift for the quilters on Friday. Not sure if I will make it to the quilt group on the 15th. Who knows, things just have been weird lately.

I know I did more, but when I write it down, it looks like I was LAZY. Guess that's my name! Happy Stitching & Quilting!!

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