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The Year is Coming to An End

Hard to believe we are coming to a close for 2016. I'm not sure if I finished a lot or just a little. Guess I better go back over my blog and see what I did. Almost like rereading a book!

Today was going from the start. I did get some TLC time with Kitty. Then I took off and went to Staples to get some copies done, as well as getting paper and envelopes. I have the copies I need for both Katt's project and the baby project. The trouble - oh, yea! I noticed a problem - is that the colors they used were not DMC floss but other floss. So, I'm going to have to find a good stitching shop and see if they have the colors. If not, I'll go to someone else and use my own colors. UGH, more to do!

Then off to Micheal's to get some fasteners for my necklaces that need to be fixed. I couldn't find the gold I needed but I did find the silver. They are cheap ones, but that's fine. I jut need them to work. I bought a tool for jewelry as well. It was on sale for 50%, so I go…

It's A Thursday

Pretty much what I'm thinking...It's a Thursday. Meaning nothing all that exciting of a day....but then remember I love days like that.

I posted this Tatting Shuttle on eBay for Felicia's family. If anyone is interested in the antique Tatting Shuttle, please fell free to check out my eBay - user name Wiltzius.

I enjoyed time with Kitty this morning. We didn't have to go to the neighbors to help with the socks.

I was enjoying some TV shows - "Murdoch Mysteries" and "Vera." I still have a few more to view.

I was able to get more cross stitching done this afternoon.

I got my two patterns ready to take to the copy center to have copied. I have Katt's stocking and the baby piece ready to copy. I need to get some special flosses for that one. I'll look at the cross stitch stores on line to get what I need. I just wish I could find a couple shops closer to me. If anyone has a good place they like to go to, let me know.

Mom called and asked me to ca…

Day of Inventory

Today I slept in. That was nice actually. I needed the extra time to regenerate. lol

I went to the neighbors and helped her out with her socks. We chatted for awhile and then I came home to enjoy some time with my Kitty. We waited about an hour and then I cut some sausage and cheese to go on crackers. That way we could have some lunch.

Sandy and Georgie arrived to help with inventory. I had Sandy sit in the chair since she had her knee worked on. She wrote down all the stuff we have. We marked them by boxes.

Felicia had a lot of bead stuff.

This is a small portion of what we inventoried.

All this stuff was in a bag.

She was well organized. There is a ton of beads and they are not cheap. I may end up putting some stuff on eBay to sell them since they are expensive stuff.

Last night I had gotten more in on my cross stitch. I had 500 stitches done yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't get any done today.

The fun part - not really but - I'm getting my two patterns ready to take to th…

A Day of Stitching

Today started out with Kitty meowing for me to open the door. We keep her in the garage if she will go at night. Then Patrick opens the door for her. She let me know she was out. So, I got up and opened the door to have her meowing at me while I'm making the bed. I finally sat down for her to sit with me. Ended up giving a lot of TLC for about an hour. So, we a little late in going to see Cherrill.

Came back and got laundry going. I did a couple loads and still have more to do. At least it's not coming out of the basket anymore.

Enjoyed the afternoon stitching.

I was able to get another 300 stitches in and hope to get even more done tonight. The sleeves are coming together. The confetti is driving me nuts though. I found a couple times I had the wrong color going and had to take it out. It all depends, if I park in the right spot. The sleeves are a little easier to work on and go a lot quicker.

I filled up my jewelry box that Patrick got for me. I found a few things I forgot I…

The Day After

This morning I was up before Patrick. Went to help Cherrill out this morning. Back to helping her with her socks.

Came back home and worked on my water stuff for the neighborhood. Time to send out bills.

We then went to the movie Passengers" which was an awesome movie. I really did enjoy that movie. We had a couple great movie shows in the last couple days. Loved them all so far.

Came home and it was back to finishing what I started. I had to print a few more bills and I was working on my Avery(tm) program getting labels done.

This is the awesome gift Patrick gave me yesterday. I need to fill it in with photos. So, I've shouted out to the family that I needed some good photos for my new picture frame.

I've been working on this cross stitch again today. I need to get a couple patterns ready for the copy center to make some copies for me. I have the sock for Katt that I need to get copied. Then I also need to get the other one for the baby ready for copies and get it ready …


Today I was up a little early, and Patrick tried to sleep in. Katt called her dad at 8 am - a family tradition - if she's not here to wake him, she calls him. I love that tradition!

I baked the cinnamon rolls I rolled last night. They turned out pretty good, but not as good as I would have liked. We chatted with Katt, ate our cinnamon rolls, and then opened our gifts. Patrick gave me a beautiful wall jewelry box! It's huge and I'm slowly filling it up. I have about 3 jewelry boxes to put into this one. Katt got me a tea storage box. I love it!

We waited and cooked for my parents. They arrived round 3 pm. They had gone to church first. While they were here Phil and Emily called and we had a great chat. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!

It was an awesome Christmas. We played games with the folks and had a great visit! At least we have Christmas with what family is here.


Merry Christmas Eve!

Today we spent the day out and about. We went to the casino, then the movies, and then Phil's.

The movie was "SING" and awesome! I loved it! Well worth seeing, but then again, remember I'm a Disney lover! We had a great time at the movies.

We then headed to Phil's and gave him his gifts. Emily wasn't up to it, so we opened our gifts with Phil. We had a good chat and then came home.

I was able to get more stitching done on the cross stitch last night, but not today so far.

We stopped at the store and picked up a few things for tomorrow's meal. Then we came home for supper. I'm working on the cinnamon rolls for tomorrow. I'm going to get them ready now for our breakfast.


May we all be Happy Quilting or Stitching!

Odds and Ends

Today I enjoyed having the day to myself and my cat.

I started out looking for a cross stitch picture that I can make for Emmie. I went through my magazines and realized I have a ton of magazines that have a lot of Christmas designs.

I decided on this one. I've got a ton of Stoney Creek magazines that I love. I found a couple things I've been wanting to do. It's almost as bad as I was with the quilting...this one now, oh, yea, there's another one I want!...and don't forget about this one. Just like what Donna said, I'm a dog that sees a squirrel and off I go!

After all that, I worked on my cross stitch.

I worked on the pink area this time. I got 200 stitches done so far today. It's coming along nicely.

I worked on the laundry and enjoyed the quiet today. I did get a few things done. I wrapped the last of the presents. I did get my storage container today, but it was damaged, so contacted Amazon to get another one. UGH

We sold the VW bug tonight. Had a good …

Happy Birthday Emilyn!

Today I woke up without having to go walking or even go to the neighbors. Felt weird!

HeyHey and I spend the day together. I watched the shows I have on the VCR and worked on my cross stitch.

I got another 250 stitches in today. I am back to the confetti. But I'm getting there.

Patrick got home and we headed over to my folks. My brother and his family are all there. We had a good meal and played "9's". I won! It was fun! We had a great time.

We got to chat with my nephew who's daughter was born today!

She's a sweetie!! I need to find a cross stitch pattern for her birth! I made her sister an afghan and I may do that yet too! I am going to have to find a cute design for her. She's a sweetie!! I wish she was closer.

I'm trying to get the stuff in the garage organized and out of my garage. Trouble is one of the gals thinks because Felicia's husband and daughter are in no hurry, we shouldn't be either. I want this done and out of the

Making Candy with Family

This morning I was up at 6 am. Even Patrick wondered why I was up before him. It was one of those days that my brain started off on the day....waking me up way too early!

I was getting ready to go to the neighbors and she called to tell me she needed me to wait about 45 mins. I did, then went over. That put me a little behind, but oh, well. I went over and we had tea and some bread she made. It was awesome! We chatted for about an hour.

Then I headed out to the bank, Starbucks, and then mom and dads. Once I got there, we got started on making fudge and brittle. My sister-in-law wanted to know why we were cooking it when the microwave was quicker and easier. I told her we have a family recipe that we use and it's cooked. She still couldn't figure out why we didn't do it through the microwave. We made three batches of fudge, one without nuts, one with walnuts, and one that was peanut butter. We made two batches of brittle. My brother's family was wanting the brittle. lol

Getting Closer to the Holidays

Today I was up and running at 7:30 am. I went over to the neighbors to help with her socks. I had one more day and then her daughter will be here. Then I can be on my own till after after the holidays.

Came home and worked on my SAL (stitch along).

I was able to get part 6 done.

I like the way it's coming. Since I have a lot of green on this, my camera picked up all that green. The background is not that dark.

Then it was time to work on my secretary stuff for the water. After that I worked on our account balance. All's good. I also worked on laundry all day.

Called and complained about not getting Patrick's gift right. This was the third time. The idiot yesterday sent me a return for the item. I told the guy today I didn't want to return it, I wanted the rest of it. So, they credited me for that order and ordered it again. Of course that's going to cost me another $3. Oh, goes on.

I'm having to go to moms tomorrow to make candy. Not sure I really w…

Brazilian Embroidery Potluck Day

This morning I was up and running. I went and put the neighbors socks on. Then came home to HeyHey (better spelling then the other day). She and I enjoyed some time together. I worked on my tablet. Got the dishwasher unloaded and was ready for company.

Got a phone call that the two down south wouldn't be able to make it because the snow was coming down and the roads where not good......That cut me down to 6. Pat arrived and said Bev wasn't able to make it. She was first, and we both wondered if it would just be the two of us. Then Georgie came and found out Sandy wouldn't be here either. We chatted and then Betty Lou arrived. That put it up to 4 of us. 4 is better than none. So much for the weather when it comes to snow.

I decided to work on the board of the bird feeder.

It's coming along pretty good. I'm really liking the looks of this. I'm not happy with the way the board is looking but I may have to fix it. 
We then went over to Felicia's house to get th…

Getting Ready For Another Christmas Gathering

This morning I was relaxing and enjoying my time with "HeeHee" - Patrick renamed her. One of these days we'll have a name for that cat!

I realized around 11 am that I hadn't gone over to the neighbors to put her socks on. I ran over there and helped her out. Then I came back home and started laundry, cleared the table off to put a new table cloth on, vacuumed, and more! Patrick was awesome, he did a HUGE part of cleaning for me. We have the house looking great! Now I can't wait for our potluck tomorrow.

I ran over to Starbucks at the I-5 exit to meet a fellow quilter. She had some cross stitch stuff she wanted me to have! I was shocked at how generous she was! She's awesome and I can't wait to work one of the patterns she gave me.

I was able to get a few more stitches in on this. I added another 150 stitches. It was nice to be able to get a few more stitches in. I've been getting closer to the sleeves of the gal! Soon I will have her top worked out.


Rouge One Is Out! Off To The Movies!

This morning I spend part of the morning with Kitty (MeMe). Then Patrick wanted to go off to the casino again. He came back with some extra money. Me, I didn't do as good as he did. We tied on the bonuses.

Then we were off to Kijah's to pick up some Christmas ornaments that are the "Old World" ornaments. We bought 5 of the small ornaments to go on my tree. I wanted to get small ornaments because that poor tree is small and needed some ornaments that actually fit it! We were given't a "Christmas gift" of another Santa ornament. I love it!! They were so kind to do that!

This is before we put the new ones on. I'll have to take another photo of it with the new ornaments on it. It's a lot fuller then this and looks a lot better.

We then went to the movies. It was "Rouge One" and AWESOME! It was a lot like the older version and it was perfect to go with the others. They did do computer generated people. The ones that passed away, but were pa…

Another Christmas Party for Quilters

Today I got an extra half hour of sleep. Then I was up ad off to the neighbors. After that, I came home and got the laundry going, mopped the kitchen floor, and started to vacuum he house, but only go the dinning room done.

Kitty came in for a short time and then I was off to pick up Ethel. I decided to take the VW that we have for sale. It has seat warmers and I figured as cold as it is, it was nice to have my "buns" warmed. Ethel and I went to moms. Arrived with a few already there. We chatted and stitched.

I have the butterfly wings done, I basted the top wings of the dragonflies. Then I got one wing done. I felt pretty good about getting that much done today.....even when we were having fun.

We exchanged gifts, and I stole a gift from mom, then it was stolen from me. I ended up with the last gift - moms - and it was just stuff she was trying to get rid of. So, I gave them back to her. I didn't end up with a gift after all. The stuff mom was giving away was stuff she&…

Christmas Party Day.

Today was a day I could sleep in for about 30 mins more than usual. We had snow.

We had just enough to make it look pretty.

I walked over to the neighbors and helped her with her socks. Then came home and gave Kitty TLC. I had to leave shortly there after for our Christmas party at Cil's house.

I had thought I wouldn't go, but I decide to go after all.

We had a potluck. This is only part of the food we had. It was in the "Brunch" theme. So by the time it was supper time, I was not hungry. We had an awesome time. Chatting and laughing. We even talked about what was going on in ND, where Cil was around Thanksgiving. Protesters are more of a problem then anything else. They don't even know what they are protesting about to be truthful.

Sis had given this gift. Teri won this, but it's awesome! It's a binding holder for when one does the binding! It's so cute. Check out the other ones at Doohikey. I love this idea!!

I was back home by 2:30 pm and enjoyed a…

December 15, 2016

Today was our Christmas Party! There were 9 of us attending.

We had potluck. This is some of the food that was arriving when Lynn arrived.

Cil had the table set and ready for all of us. She set it for 8 of us, and we ended up with 9. We all sat around the table laughing and having a good little chat.

Teri and Sue where checking out the town display.

Then we all sat around for our gift exchange. We do a white elephant. Sis, Teri, Sue, Barb, Susy, and Joanne enjoying a little chatting.

We all loved this! It's a binding holder. While one is working on binding, this cute little girl holds them! You can get them at Binding Babies(tm).

We all had a great time! We all told what we were all working on. Some are working on more things then others. We even got off on a conversation about the ND picketing. We learned more about the TRUTH about the picketing and not what is reported.

A Great time was had by all and our next meeting is next year - January 12, 2017.


A Day Home....And Bowling

Today started out early. Went walking with Ruth and then to the neighbors to help with the socks.

Came home with Kitty and we spent the day together. I worked on my cross stitch.

I got another 150 stitches in. I also worked on the laundry while I could. I actually enjoyed the day to myself.

I also went downstairs and found a few patterns (new) and other stuff for the Christmas gifts for the two groups. I'm happy to be giving away a few patterns I thought I would do, and realized that wouldn't be the case. Maybe someone else can enjoy the patterns. I got some needles and pins for the other group.

We went bowling - still not doing that good.  I bowled a 143, 181, 166. I really need to get back to my normal! I lost another pin in my average. It's easy to loose the points but it's really hard to gain them....ugh. We lost all four games.

Life is good, and it's starting to snow. Best time to be Happy Quilting!

Got Behind on Postng

I thought I posted last night but I guess I didn't. Funny how that worked out.

Yesterday was mostly cooking or doing treats for Christmas gifts. I baked 3 loaves of bread in the smaller tins. They turned out great. One was a cinnamon and raisin loaf. I baked two of them for Art. I took them to him today. The cinnamon raisin and regular bread was for him. Patrick ate ALL of the other one in less then 12 hours! I couldn't believe he ATE THE WHOLE THING!

I made a batch of the white chocolate and pretzel goodies. This are additive! I love these!

I've been calling Miss Kitty - "MeMe" as she's acting like I have to pay attention to her and nothing else.

She loves laying on my legs! Spoiled at that!

Last night I was able to get a few - yes a few - stitches on my cross stitch. I've now got the bottom of it stitched and working my way up. It's looking good. Trouble is, I'm getting back to the area of confetti and that's a pain at times.

I will try and …

A Day of Bowling

Today I was up and wrapping the gift for our bowling party. I also had to get my casserole in the oven. I finished up the "potatoes" for the top of the casserole. Then I baked it. While I was baking it, I was getting my gift wrapped for our 'party.'

My gift to my bowling partners was a house full of goodies.

The candy I did, a key chain, and some brittle. The house was a big success.

Went to Safeway and picked up some wings as well. I had my casserole and wings for the potluck. The potluck was awesome. The gift I took as put out for the exchange. We have to bowl a strike before we could go and pick our gift. I bowled a strike on the first frame. Virginia and I were going for the same gift. Since she bowls before me, she got a strike and got the gift. We laughed about how that worked. She helped me pick my gift as well. I got "12 days of Coffee" and a cookie kit with a fry pan. I don't drink coffee but Patrick does. So, he got the 12 days of Christmas co…

Decorating for Christmas & Farewell to a Friend

Today I actually slept in....not sure how I did it...waking up so much but going back to sleep.

It was a morning of pulling out Christmas decorations and getting the house in order. So to speak.

Patrick was awesome! He helped with the decorations! We took out the stuff, and he was so sweet getting the decorations where they need to be.

This is just a few things that he helped with.

We put the "old World" ornaments on the tree. Plus a few that where from my childhood. They all worked great together.

While Patrick finished up on the decorations, I picked up Georgie and we went to the "Celebration of Life" for our dear friend Felicia Conrad. We talked with the family members. We talked to her husband about coming over to his house and taking the BE and beads to sell for them. The family picked out what they wanted and would go and double check that they had what they wanted. Then in a week, we'll go over and help him out. After being there about a half hour, we le…