Friday, April 14, 2017

A Day At Moms

This morning start out quiet. I did go to the neighbors. Then I headed over to moms to help her with her returns.

I arrived and got her outfits set for return. Put the labels on the packages and they were ready to go back in the mail. Then we talked about one of my UFO's that I was hoping to get rid of. After checking everything we came up with a solution. That will be explained on one of my vacation days.

Then we pulled out the Forest Galorest quilt that we are doing together. The applique blocks are done. So we needed to work on the 9 -patch blocks that go in the middle area.

We needed to add an inch to the block. BUT when we started figuring the block out, we forgot to figure in the other border to the 9-patch. SO, this is the first set of blocks we made and then realized they were too big. This is a 12 1/2" block that still needed another border. So, we had to start over again.

We then followed the instructions. The center 9 patch was framed.

Then we added another 1/2" to the next frame of brown. This would help when we added the last border.

The squares in the corner are darker than the sashing piece. We added 1/2" to this last border as well. We finished 4 of them that were required. Mom is going to trim all the blocks and put them together. Once the quilt is put together, then we can start working on the applique animals around the borders.

I brought home the owl to work on. I will get the pieces together so we can just lay them down and applique them on.

Came home and told Patrick about Micheal's having a 70% sale on their custom framing. I pulled out all my stuff that needed to be framed. We picked 3 pieces and took them over to Michaels. Patrick picked the frame and matting for the lightpost one I finished awhile back. We also took my two Hungarian embroidery pieces. By the time we left, we spent $220. on all three. The expensive one is the lightpost. I think it will be good. I disagreed with the green he wanted, but we did it anyway. I'll be fine with it.

I then cleaned up some email and still need to get back to my ancestry stuff. I'll see what happens.

In the meantime - be Happy Quilting and/or Stitching!

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