Sunday, April 9, 2017

A Day of Bowling

Today was up early so I could enjoy some time with Kitty and have my cinnamon rolls. The cinnamon rolls turned out pretty good, but I think they should have been in another few minutes. Patrick thinks they were great - but then he likes maple and I don't. Maybe it was the maple I thought was off.

I met the gals and we headed down to Longview for bowling. I bowled a 161, 156, 153. The FUNNY (Frustrating part) was that I had a 153 in the 9th frame......GUTTERED on my first ball in the 10th, and then got 5 pins!! So, I ended up with a 158. All I could do was laugh! It was way too funny because I haven't guttered in YEARS!!

Came home and put a few stitches in my Christmas Stocking!

I'm starting to work on the body of the penguin. I also started working on the "O" in Joy. It's really sparkly! I do love how it's coming out. Think I only got about 100 stitches in before it was time to eat and go bowling again.

Tonight we bowled Dan. It was a good night. He was tired though. I bowled a 176, 213, 181. The third game was clean - till the 10th frame! I got a split and picked 1 up out of 2. UGH. We won all 4 games. So, don't feel bad about bowling today. Did a lot better than I have been doing.

Travel league is done for this year, till September and we start all over again. Still have a few weeks to go with our bowling.

Hoping tomorrow will be a "ME" day (with the exception of laundry). I'm planning on being Happy Stitching!

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