Monday, April 3, 2017


Today I was up early with a night of very little sleep. I'm hoping tonight will be a better night.

I went and helped Cherrill today and then I came home. If I spent as much time on stitching as I do on my tablet, I would have a ton of stuff done!

This afternoon was spent on my cross stitch. I put in several stitches when I noticed a mistake.

Like I posted yesterday, this is where I was. Notice where the green hat is!

After an good hour and a half, taking out the penguin, which I loved!, I was able to get back to working on this.

What I did wrong, was I counted off the wrong point to get the green hat going. The upper photo you can see where the hat is up farther. I thought I double checked my work. I did. Having dyslexia does have it's frustrations. I counted twice before I started it. NOT realizing I was counting from the wrong side point. So, as one can see, I ripped out the penguin and started over.

As I was working on correcting my mistake, I got the Rainbow blending threads I needed to get the scarf going. I started on the scarf with the sparkly threads. I have gotten a lot out on this project! I believe I have ripped out about the same amount that I put in! UGH

It's been a while since I worked on cross stitch before my Nantucket Rose. I have learned a lot! I'm still learning a LOT! I am working on paying more attention to what needs to be done. I found that the pattern has a "E" and a "e" on it. I find myself getting them mixed up because on is 742 and the other is 472. Different colors! So, I'm having to pay a good amount of attention to those two colors. I know this, and I'm double and triple checking the color before I place it on the design. Just think, I could have had the penguin done by now! Oh, well. Life goes on.

I received the buttons for this piece as well. I had a good mail day today! I'm not going to post that on IG. If I had patterns for fabric, I just might.

I wish everyone a better day then I seem to be having! Stay Happy Stitching -  Happy Quilting!

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