Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Another Day of Cleaning and Stitching

This morning I was up early so I could go to the neighbors to help her with her stocking. I walked over and noticed she had company, so I called her instead. She said her daughter was there and that she forgot to tell me she wouldn't need me today or tomorrow. She wasn't sure about Friday. I figured that was okay, I got a walk out of it.

Came home and played games. Then I went downstairs to work on my quilt room.

This is where I started. Had to clean this up and more.

I went through my boxes and cleaned them out. I found a couple UFO/WIP's that I am going to set up for when I'm on vacation on the cruise. That way, I'll still be posting something to read. When I get back, I'll have a lot more to post.

I went through all the needles that were given to me.

I add them to my box of other needles. Guess I have plenty to do anything with!

My box before -

My box after filling it with all those needles! I should find anything I'm looking for when it comes to needles and sizes. Wish me luck! I just hope I don't have to buy any more!!

Kitty stayed upstairs while I worked downstairs. I took the quilt frame down and enjoyed the fireplace since it was chilly down there.

About 1 pm I came back upstairs. I was working on laundry as well as the cleaning. I mopped the kitchen floor and vacuumed. I figured out one of our mops is better than the other one! If I could only get a good mop that actually works right!

Then I sat down and worked on my cross stitch.

I worked on the next penguin's scarf. I used some floss that I didn't have anywhere to go, I decided to do the snowflake. It turned out pretty good.

I then ordered some threads for the SAL Hardanger. I got the linen in my supplies - actually it's the one that grandmother had. It's a perfect fit. I just need to cut it. I'm looking forward to starting that. When I do, I'll post what I've been doing.

We had bowling tonight. I bowled a 146, 204, 178. Not my best, but it worked. Since our partners were not there, we lost 3 1/2 games. Which means we won 1/2 game. That will actually give a a full game because we seem to keep splitting games.

Tomorrow and Friday Patrick is taking off. Who knows what we will be doing...but we'll be having fun!

Happy Quilting and Happy Stitching!

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