Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Day Didn't Turn Out As Planned - What Else Is NEW?!

Today started out early. Went to the neighbors to help her with her socks. Then went to Ruth's to help her out as well. Got both of them going. Then came home to work on laundry.

I also had to find the "Nantucket Rose" pattern. I put it in a "safe" place, and we all know how that goes with me. So when I finally figured out what I did with it, it was 45 mins later. I am mailing it out tomorrow.

While I was doing laundry and just about ready to sit down to work on my cross stitch - mom called and the doorbell rang at the same time. I told mom I'd call her back and answered the door. It was a package from Fed Ex that I had to sign for. YES, YES, YES!! My Scroll Frames FINALLY made it!
I was jumping for joy!! And I got a candy bar in there too!

I HAD to put my stuff on the frames! They are BIG frames, but exactly what I wanted.

This is how big it is! A big piece. I may order the smaller sets later. I'm so pleased with these frames.

Beautiful frames. I'm so happy with them. Patrick was saying how big they are. I needed to get the smaller ones. Told him I do, but I'll get those later. Right now these are fine. I have all the sizes I need, and I'll order the others later this summer. It was funny how it took 10 days to get to me once it made it to the US.

I then got ready to make supper and realized I took out the wrong things. So, I had to figure out something different for supper.....kinda the way my day was going!

I did get a few minutes in to do cross stitch!

Bottom of penguin is done and now I'm working on the "Y" that he's playing in.

So, I received an email from "relative race" to contact dad. His DNA matched with a contestant on the show and they wanted to talk to him. I gave them his information after I watched the show. It's really fascinating how they are on a race to meet members of their families. Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins and more. I'm not sure how dad matched up, but it will be interesting if they end up on the show.

Now, since today has been one of "this and that" and not anything of what I had hoped for. Tomorrow I'm going to visit the folks and say my goodbyes before they go off to visit my brother and his family.

Bowling is coming to an end. We have this week and then a week between for fun night. Since we didn't win, we won't be bowling next week.

Life is good, I'm still waiting on my orders, and I am getting excited about getting them. I wish they would get here faster, but that's how the mail is.

Best wishes, and Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

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