Saturday, May 6, 2017

Another Busy Day...With Applique

This morning we did our usual stuff of going to the casino. We left some money at the casino this time. We're still ahead of the game this year.

We then headed to the movies and watched the Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2. It was awesome! I really liked the movie. Also saw some trailers of other movies that look really good.

After the movies we had to go to mom's and get some stuff done for one of her clients. Mom was the first "Protective Payee" for the State of WA. So, she semi-retired and still has 2 clients. I don't know what they will do if something happens to her, because I don't think anyone in my family will take over for her. Anyway, we did what was needed and came home.

Pat C from BE called. She needed help with her bag she bought. The handles broke. I told her to come on over. We fixed her bag - that she bought from someone who made it. The handles fell apart! She bought the piece the handles to replace it. The gal that made the bag did a pretty bad job on the handles. We laughed because they won't be coming off! They are put back on, (not to my best work) but they won't come apart! I know because I had to take one part out! It took me a while to get it ripped out. I put the handles going the wrong way! I couldn't believe it! So, had to take one of the sides out.

Then after all that today, I was able to iron on the pieces I need to applique. I used freezer paper and ironed on the fabrics. The I took the time to cut them out.

I needed some felt for the eagle's eyes and beak.

I have my stack ready. I also have some of the interfacing ready.I just realized that piece didn't get cut out. Of course it's not here, so I have to figure out what I did with it....never fails....misplacing the pieces!

This eagle is for the quilt group. I hope to get it done by Thursday and then I can drop it off. I really do want to get the eagles done this week. Then I can get back to what I want to work on. All of these have been put off for awhile.

This has been a busy day, but it's been a good day. I'm getting things done lately. I'm liking my piles that are going down...but then I start yet another. I'm not starting any more in quilting but I am starting new things in cross stitching!

Happy Quilting! Happy Stitching!

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