Friday, May 12, 2017

Another Day Gone By

This morning I enjoyed having it to myself and Miss Kitty. She couldn't let me sit and work on anything at times because she wanted my attention or wanted to play. I have a few claw marks from her thinking she could move my arms.

I then took my two neighbors out to lunch. We all went to a lunch cafe. I had a shrimp salad that was really good. One had a Ruben sandwich and the other had soup and salad. We chatted for a good hour while we enjoyed each other's company. I will miss Ruth when she moves.

Came home and ironed my eagles that I finished last night.

I like this one better.

This will give Judy 2 quilts that she can do. I believe all military quilts should have an eagle on them. I didn't do the flag on these but I will do them on the next one.

I started getting supper ready when Donna texted and said she had 2 quilts that have the binding on. She wouldn't be home again till Wednesday so I had to go over and pick them up. I didn't want to wait that long and will probably start stitching them down tomorrow. It will take a couple days for each. I really, really wanted to work on my cross stitch!

I rolled the stocking and started working on finishing the third penguin. I really enjoy working on this! I just wish I could work on it more now, but I may try to get the quilts done before I go. If I don't then I'll have to do them when I get back. I also have 2 more quilts that I need to wash and mark with the sizes.

Kitty is on my lap and I'm ready to get back to working on my cross stitch. Have a great night and be Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!!

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