Friday, May 5, 2017

Flower Shopping

This morning we took off to DeGotte's. They raise tulips. We used to go every year to see the tulips before they harvest them. This year the cut back on their planting. We bought 3 hanging baskets and another potted plants. We gave the potted plants to Cherrill. I wanted to give her something nice for Mother's Day. I know - Mother's Day is next week. Since mom's not around, mom will have her gift hanging outside her house when she gets home.

On the way home we took the back roads. It was raining again.

We brought those home, delivered the potted plant. Then we headed over to Ace Hardware. Of course the flower there were cheaper. We got the dirt that Patrick wanted for the garden.

Then we went to Sunbirds - AND YET AGAIN, it was cheaper there!! So, we bought a few plants for the pots in the yard. Then came home.

This plant was at Sunbirds - I really love the color!

Love Roses!

We enjoyed a few minutes before going out in the garage, where we potted plants. I potted the four plants in that were in the house and needed a make over.

After all that was done, I worked on my applique eagle. I realized one eagle had the wings done, butte second needed the second wing done.

Now both wings are on both pieces. I had the feathers, head, and the body ready for this bird. I'm now going to get this one done. I finished the tail feathers. Next is the body, then the head. I'm going to have to cut some parts for the eyes. Since this is a QOV eagle, I'm going to just do the eagles. I'll work on the arrows another time. I need to get some eagles ready for Judy to work with. Hopefully I can get an eagle done a little quicker after these are done. I would like to try for one a month, but don't know if I'll be in the mood half the time. I'm going to try though, the vets need it.

I'm going to get this done, then work on finishing the cross stitch SAL. Next will be finishing another eagle, and then the block that we are doing with the group.

Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

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