Thursday, May 11, 2017

Getting Stuff Done....WooHoo!

This morning I didn't have to go anywhere. Thank goodness. I really didn't want to. It's the one day I have to myself.

Kitty was very needy today, and I don't blame her. I hadn't had TLC time with her in a while. I did clean up a bit and get the vacuum going. It was nice to be able to clean up the house a little.

I posted another Flosstube video today.

Then when I finally got off my rear, I worked on the QOV eagles.

I worked on the feathers, body, and head.

The beak is in a higher spot then I thought it would be. I wanted it a little lower but that's okay. I then put the eyes on a little bit ago, and it's now done. I have the other block that needs the beak and eye. When I have them done, I'll let Judy know and see if she wants them before our next meeting.

THEN I went downstairs and worked on 2 more envelope bags. One is huge! I thought I was making a smaller size for the scroll frames, but the good news was it was a perfect size for the new scroll frame I bought. At least for the smaller of the three. I'm happy. I'll just use the one I'm using for Katt's stocking when we go on the cruise. I also made a small one that I can use while we are on the cruise. It will go on the plane with me.

It rained all day! Not the most fun I've had but that's okay. It's still fun to be Happy Quilting and Happy Stitching!

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