Wednesday, May 24, 2017

One of My Techniques For Applique

I thought I would post one of the ways I do applique. Everyone has a technique or two that they like to use. I have been known to combine more than one technique.

This is the block I did for the quilt group a couple weeks ago.

In this technique of doing the pieces first before putting them down on the fabric. I copied the pieces on to freezer paper - with the shinny side down.

Then I iron the pieces to the fabric I'm going to use. In this case, the bird is my blue fabric. I ironed the pieces on the "right side" of the fabric.

I use "Elmers" school washable glue. Stick form. Then I put glue around the area where I want to fold the fabric back (edge for applique). As shown above.

Once I had part done, I did it to all the pieces. I then took the "shield" on the eagle, and glued it down (just one swipe) and appliqued it to the eagle. Neither are attached to the background yet.

This is what it looked liked after the shield was appliqued down. I find it's easier to applique the piece before putting it to the background. I have a lot less fabric to go through.

I then put the background fabric over the top of my design. I had good lighting to do this. I was able to see the pattern underneath. It gave me a "guide" of where to put the eagle.

Once I had it in the place I wanted it, I glued it down at the tail, wings and head.

Then I started to applique the piece down. I look for a straight area where I can start. I don't like to start on the areas where its a curve or a point. I like to work my way around the curves and get the points.

I tried to get my hubby to take a photo of how I do circles. But he didn't get the point of "close up." I fixed it though, I cropped it so you can see it better.

I use my thumb as a guide. I used the circle things and they worked - sort of - but I found I did a lot better circles by using my thumb as a guide. The curve of my fingernail has a natural curve and I can follow that better then trying to follow the round plastic pieces that I've ironed (with a sharp point in it). NOTE: I'm left handed - so my thumb looks like it's in the wrong position - but it's not.

I appliqued the stem around the top of the eagle. Then I started on the stars and circles (above). The star freezer paper came off, so I was still able to applique them done.

Even though the circles and the stars are light, I wanted to do something different. We were limited to the colors we had. There were more light colors then darker ones. The leaves are red.

And when I'm all done, it's ironed and ready for the next step.

I have many techniques and this is one. I could have used back-basting for the branch, but choose not to.

I live the end result and really happy with it.

Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching.

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