Tuesday, May 2, 2017

QOV Meeting, And More.

Today I was up early. Went over to Cherrill's and then got ready to head to Olympia. I got my patterns ready to go to Robert Frye (flosstube).

Mailed the patterns, then headed up to Olympia. Arrived in time for the QOV meeting - realizing I forgot to take my eagles to work on. They are presenting on the 10th and I'm going to try to be up there to help our or at least see how they do it. I brought home a quilt that needs a binding on it. Not sure if I'll do that part or have Donna do it for me and then stitch it down. OR I may go ahead and trim the quilt and sew the binding on.

After the meeting I went to Michael's up there. It was HUGE! Compared to our Michael's it was three times the size. I went looking at the cross stitch stuff. They had some, but not near as much as I thought they would. A little more than they have here.

Then I headed out to find Hobby Lobby. It's been up there a few years, and I just haven't known where it was. It took me about 30 mins to finally find out where the store was, going up and down the street. I must have passed it three times before I figured it out. Then I went into the shop to see what they have. That store was even BIGGER than Michael's. They even had more in the cross stitch department!! I was thrilled. I bought a kit, some fabric, needles and a few other things. I did buy some elastic and "guarder snaps" for making the fabric tightener. I'll make them tomorrow and show what I'm talking about.

Got home and worked on my cross stitch. Found I made a mistake where the needle is. I didn't want to take it all out because the glossy floss is hard to work with even when taking them out. Since the "O" is pretty much light blues with the darker blue around the outside, I'm going to leave it, and add the darker blue where is't supposed to go. The only one that will know the colors aren't in the right spot is me. I figure it's such a slight problem that it's not worth going to the trouble of taking it out. So, tomorrow I'll fix the problem and get back on track.

We had "9-pin No Tap" league tonight. It's about 8 weeks long. I bowled a 200, 276, 230. The second game was more true strikes then 9-pin strikes. We all have a good time. Laughing and enjoying bowling! We don't have to bowl again till next Tuesday and then fun night on Wednesday to finish up that league.

Life is good - Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

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