Thursday, May 25, 2017

Trying to Decide....What Next

I went through a stack of magazines that I have downstairs. They are from the 1990's and I wanted to look for wedding announcements and baby announcements. The more I looked the less I saw of what I wanted.

But I did find.....

 A beautiful memorial for a Vet. I am going to do this, not sure who I'll put in he memorial part but have an idea.

This is my wonderful stack of magazines. Trust me, I have more! This was a small amount. So, I went through these and called it good. Wasn't wanting to keep going! lol

This one did catch my eye. I do like the looks and the saying of this one... so it's on my list of "maybe's."

As I was going through the magazines I found this!! It's the third one that goes with my "Love" and "Hope" pieces. Hope is the one I'm taking with me on the cruise.

This is a wedding piece. I'm not sure about this one, but will add it to my "maybe" list.

And of course I had to find one that "popped!" It was so pretty that I put this on the list of wanting to do. I love the colors and this is a Christmas piece. I do need to get a few more Christmas pieces to add to my walls during Christmas.

This is another Christmas piece. I love the snowmen and the way it's put together. This is really pretty and I think the blue will be awesome! So, another "want to do" piece!

After all that looking, those were the only ones I cam up with - go figure! I did see a lot of pretty pieces that would be awesome to do, but I'm not there yet. I do love the looks of these. I will have them on my list. I do have a lot on my list, so I'll just have to take one at a time!

I wish you as much fun looking for pieces as I had! This is fun to do and I find things I forgot about! Amazing what going through old magazines do!

May we all be Happy Stitching or even Happy Quilting!

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