Friday, July 25, 2014


Fooled ya! I'm finished with the blocks, now I need to put them all together into a quilt top.

I finished the second of the three blocks I had when I went to the courtroom - yesterday. I decided to take a photo of the two together - for yesterday's post - but I forgot to work on my blog last night. So, I'm making up for not blogging yesterday.

I've been picking more blueberries again. I'll be giving them to my son and his wife. I feel bad, I was on the trail on his Birthday - or I would have posted a Happy Birthday to him on Tuesday.

Went to quilting today. I worked on mom's quilt - marking it, and she worked on my last block. We then put some blocks on the floor to figure out what I would do for the top. I've got all the sizes and stuff for the sashing and borders. Now, if all goes well and Patrick doesn't come up with something to do tomorrow - I'll be working on cutting out what I need and get ready to work putting it all together! I'm actually excited about getting this done! I'll try and have it done, so mom can take it to Kathleen A, and have her baste the quilt while Patrick and I are in MI. Then when I get back, we can get started on quilting it. We'll make it simple and easy to do, so it will go quick and easy.

Loving my flowers. Okay, tomorrow SHOULD be a good day! -Now let's see if Patrick comes up with stuff to do while I try and put this top together! lol

Looking forward to getting this done, and being Happy Quilting!

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