Friday, August 1, 2014

Getting more done....

Today I went and played cribbage. I also go more information on how Flo is doing with her lungs. She's doing better, but still smoking. I wish her the best with her biopsy.

I pulled out my LAST block for the Affairs of the Heart, and worked on it yesterday and today. I had to take some of it out and redo it, but that's okay too. I found that my block isn't lining up right, but it seems to be doing the same thing on all four corners, so I'm just going to live with it. I hate taking out and putting back in time after time. Hoping to get this done so I can start working on the border. It's only taken me 6 months for far to get this one done, and I really do't want to put it off more.

Before I worked on the above block, I pulled out Katt's block (part of my guilt wall quilt) and finished the embroidery for this one. OH! 6 of us are going to take a Beginning Brazilian Embroidery class at Northwest Quilt Expo on Sept 25th. I wanted to take the other class that is the next day, but couldn't get anyone else to go with me.

I will try and get more done on the Affairs quilt block tonight. I need to update my cat's page and the quilt group's page. So, will call it good for now, and continue to be Happy Quilting.

Family Is Starting To Arrive

I just realized I hadn't posted yesterday. Funny how that happens. One minute I think I did, the next minute I realized I didn't. ...