Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trip to Marquette

Patrick and I took a road trip to Marquette, MI. It was a good drive from Gladstone. We did stop off at Alley Kat Quilt Shop. I picked up the row pattern and 3 yards of fabric for a background. I'm really surprised there realy isn't a lot of applique up in this area. All three shops had very little in way of applique. I am surprised that both row patterns are applique.

We went to Lake Superior. The view is awesome!

They have signs for no swimming. They do have stations like this for emergencies.

This lake is pretty and rocky compared to Lake Michigan that is more sandy. I did notice the restrooms here are cleaner and well kept for parks. Reststops here are waste sides and it makes me laugh, no toilets.

I've been getting a lot done on the cross stitch. Hopefully I'll keep this up when we get back. OH! I had 1 gb for my camera, and it got filled up in no time. We had to go to Shopko for another one since I left my 8gb behind. Ugh! Was so ticked when I found out I didn't have my 8gb. Then again blondie here has been known to forget the stuff she needs.

At least I have something to work on while I'm here.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the Upper Peninsula (UP).🇺🇸

Go support your favorite quilt shop and may you be Happy Quilting.

Family Is Starting To Arrive

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