Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another Weekday Away from Home

Funny how we seem to have so much going on during the weekend. We went to my folks and then went up to Tacoma's Spaghetti Factory for a early supper. The food was good. We had a good time enjoying each others company, then headed to my folks house after. Our son, Phil, met us at the house and we played Mexican Train. Of course, I lost.

Got home and have been reading up on all the group chats on Facebook. I used to check out the yahoo groups of quilting, but they seem to be group jobs. I wasn't involved in the last two projects they had going, so I didn't keep checking the groups. It's fun to get some pointers on how quilters do certain things, but lately I haven't had to do that.

I keep looking at this pattern, and I need to "suck it up" and applique it for Betty. Since I am the last one to get a block to her, it would be nice if I got moving on it. I'm also going to do this block for the March with my Thursday group. It should be that hard, I just need to kick it in gear and get it cut out and ready to applique. I think the thing keeping me from doing that is the flowers. Yet, there are tons of flowers out there, so I really don't know what my problem is about getting it going.

I did get set up to finish the first basket block that is P3 Designs BOM. I really, really need to get moving and be Happy Quilting!

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

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