Friday, January 2, 2015

Long Day!

Today was one of those days I couldn't plan anything because it wouldn't happen no matter what.

I went to Portland, OR to pick up my neighbor from the airport. I left giving myself plenty of time to get there about the time she would arrive. Driving went well, all was fine till I reached La Center, WA. There the traffic started. Nothing I couldn't handle. I arrived in Portland about a half hour BEFORE she arrived. You would think I was smarter then I was! I thought about taking something to work on in the car, but NO, I thought better of it. Well, I ended up trying to find things to do while sitting at the cell phone parking lot.....which was killing me! She sent a text that she was in. I went and waited for her about 10 mins. We stopped in Castle Rock, WA for lunch. Then finally arrived at home at 2 pm. Then went next door and played cribbage.

I'm trying to win the "big" prize on Farmville2, and very close. Will see if I get it or not. UGH Hate having to try with time running out. Need to get back to the quilt and not play games!

So, I'm hoping to be Happy Quilting SOON!

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