Saturday, January 10, 2015

SEAHAWK DAY!! and Quilting!

We went out this morning and came back early. I goofed around with my tablet and played games. I wanted to sleep in, but for some reason, on weekends, it's not that easy. I even covered my eyes with my "blinders" and that didn't help. Patrick got to sleep in, but not me. I hate getting up at 6:45 am to walk with Ruth, yet when the weekend hits, - guess what time I'm up?! Yep, 6:30 am. I try to go back to sleep but only get about 20 mins in. I guess I need someone to knock me out so I can sleep!

I finally finished the corner. Remember - I'm doing the quilting by "eye sight' and there is no set size on the quilting as far as the lines go. Each get smaller wider as I go. I don't have a problem with that because I planned it that way. The echo stitches are like what we used to do in art class. I'd sign my name and then echo all around that to fill the paper.

I'm now working the edge again. This is the last side for the quilt. So far my seam seems to be straight on the edge.

This is the first "hump" in the quilting. I will work as much of the "hump" has I can before sewing the seam down. I had to take out the seams on the corner because it buckled. Once I had the quilting down, it was easier to keep the buckling down and I could resew the edge. I was thrilled to finally have that part done, and I'm on the first of three "in dents" on the border. They are pretty much stumps in the tree.

I didn't go downstairs to work on the applique stuff, but will try and do that on Monday, since I will be bowling twice tomorrow. I don't know if I will be able to get much done in the way of quilting, but I can try.

Seahawks are playing and I'm between the quilt and the game. I'm yelling just as much as everyone else at the game! Was a little worried about the anger between the two teams. We like to see a "clean" game. As I type this, Wilson gets sacked, ugh!! I've got both my Seahawk shirts on, so we better WIN!! One of the Panter team member is from Lacey, WA. As much as I would like to cheer him on, I can't! Seattle needs this game and we will win the Superbowl again!!

I have been reading more at night too. Finished three books in the last month. That's pretty good for me. I seem to go with the mystery book, just as much as I like the mystery quilts!

Even though I'm watching this game, I'm still Happy Quilting!

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