Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Day of Running Around!

Things always seem to be a pain when its one of those days of running around. I did the usual this morning and almost got skunked in cribbage again. 

After cribbage I hurried home and got ready for our quilt meeting. I also had to write a list of things that I needed to do - forgetting to start the bread I had to bake today. Then off I went. On the way to the quilt group I went to the bank, then to Safeway for cereal, Sister's quilt shop to get YLI thread for the quilt wall hanging I just finished, to Mickey D's for lunch (but they had breakfast), and then finally to the quilt show. It was as long as that sentence! While at the quilt shop picking up YLI thread, I decided on a dark blue or grey thread. I'm going with grey. 

At our meeting, I showed my quilt, which everyone loved. I usually don't like to show my stuff off, but they kept asking how it was going, so had to show it. As one can see, the table and beam where in the way, so it's hard to get really good photo's there.

Mom called me and asked if I was there yet. Told her no, but would be soon. She then told me she was going to come and join us. About an hour later, mom showed up and wanted to show her Baltimore Christmas quilt - yes, the one where she took my patterns and make the quilt, even though I paid for the kit.

It turned out really nice.

She was working on the border piece and showed that part as well. It turned out to be a great meeting.

I left early and so did mom. I headed over to Diary Queen to pick up an ice cream cake for the weekend. On my way back I realized I forgot my camera at the shop. So, ended up going back, getting my camera and headed back home.

Once home, I ended up running around getting the bread started. Then getting a few things done before Patrick gets home. Cooking supper and getting the bread out of the oven, when Katt calls asking for a few more things for the "gaylla" (sp) this weekend. She's come all the way from Pullman tomorrow night. Patrick had to take the bread over to Art because I was on the phone with Katt.

Now that things have calmed down, and I washed all the dishes and things Art game me, I'm ready to sit and work on my Celtic table runner. First I have a few posts to make on two other blogs, then I'm going to enjoy being Happy Quilting!

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