Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another Saturday....Baking

This morning I started out sleeping in. I stayed up till about midnight last night on the computer. I watched a couple shows I hadn't seen yet. Charlie kept me company while Patrick went to bed. I find that I can't sleep much because of all the pain. It's easier to stay up and try later in the evening to sleep.

I decided to make the "Oatmeal Cookies" that Alton Brown had on the TV the other night. I don't have a clue why he does stuff in ounces, but he does. Good thing I have a weight. I measured all the stuff out last night and had them in containers. I pulled everything out and started making the cookies, realizing my son was coming over and is a vegetarian. So, I made another half batch without the egg.

Phil's cookies didn't have raisins, I put butterscotch chips in his. I made sure to clean everything and keep "cross contamination" from happening. I used the parchment paper for all the cookies, each getting their own sheet. The cookies came out great.

Phil and Patrick worked all day on the grow shelf. A shelf where they will be growing seedlings and other plants. It turned out awesome! I love what they did.

Today the sun was out and a beautiful day! Had to get a shot of the sun! Our backyard is looking good.  Patrick has been going out there every chance the weather is good.

I was able to get some stitches in on the Celtic table runner today. I'm going to try and get a few more stitches in tonight. I've been keeping my "diary" of the basket blocks handy since I've been working on them lately.

I cut out some flower (freezer paper) pieces. I have them in a bag ready to cut the fabric for the two basket blocks that I need done by the end of March. I'm hoping to get those done in the next week or so. Now that I know what flowers I'm going to use. It should go faster that way. All depends on how I feel when I'm working on them. I'm finding just typing this is hurting my right side. Can't wait for the 16th to get here! lol  I have been trying really hard not to show how much pain I'm in, but lately it's getting worse. I should be putting the ice packs on, but I keep forgetting! Guess that's not going to help me one bit! lol

I will take a photo of the Celtic table runner tomorrow and show how it's coming along. It's a good day when I'm Happy Quilting.


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