Saturday, February 7, 2015

From Guilt Wall to Design Wall

Last night I went downstairs and took down my "guilt wall quilts" and put up the Affairs of the Heart quilt blocks that I had marked at moms. Once that was up, I sewed the center piece together.

This is what I put up last night. I took two hours last night having fun (yea I know, I don't like the sewing on a machine). It went so easy last night I was really surprised and really happy it was working out fine.

This morning I worked on my Celtic table runner, then went back downstairs.

I got this much done. Patrick had wanted me to just finish the center and make a wall hanging out of that so it would fit on the wall. I told him there was no way I was going to make a small quilt with SOME of the blocks - I took too long and worked too hard to do that. ALL or nothing. We tried to figure out what we could do. We decided to add the next border strip, then when it's finished bind it in black to finish it off. I agree with that. I agree with Patrick that the quilt was getting too big and yet not big enough. It's not a "blanket" size and it's bigger than most wall hangings. So, in thinking this over, I really wasn't looking forward to doing the heart border. Plus if I did, it would be close to 70" square.

This is as far as I'm going to make it. I'll get black for the background, black for the batting and then I'll quilt it. I haven't decided what color I will use to quilt it with, but I will work on getting the right color.

Since this was a kit, I have plenty of fabric left over. Mom used the same fabric I had for the border strips and I used what she had left over. She had a LOT of 2 1/2" strips. I added what was left into the strip basket I have. The multi-color fabric wasn't used, because I decided not to make the heart strip border. I'll use it for something else.

Since I had enough fabric left over, I decided to make a pillow case for the quilt. I like to try and use some of the fabrics left over for pillow cases on each of my projects. I put the fabrics and the quilt top into the pillow case, and have it ready when I finish it. It will also be handy when I need to store it. It makes it a little easier to see what quilt is in which pillow case.

When I was down to the last border, and had three of them done, I started the fourth. By the time I was about 2 blocks from being done, I noticed it wasn't sewing the pieces together. The needle was working great - but no thread was coming from the bobbin. UGH! Back to pinning it back up and starting over - AFTER I fill another bobbin. Okay, so the finally border strip didn't get done near a close as it could have been done. I took a deep breath, and took my time sewing it back up - this time with thread that worked! Woo Hoo, I made it. I put it up on the wall and looked again. Checked my camera to see if I had it right - oops - guess not. I pinned it upside down! Oh, well. I will need to make sure when I finish quilting it and put a sleeve on it, that I have it right side up!

Tomorrow is bowling in St. Helen's OR. Not sure I'll be able to be doing much of anything but riding in the car, bowling, riding in the car, and bowling again. Should be an interesting day and probably won't have time to be Happy Quilting!

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