Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Getting Started on My Celtic Class

Today I was able to sleep in, and I really needed it! I kept waking up in pain on my shoulder. I've been doing pretty good up till now with the pain. Up till lately, and I have to wait till the 20th for the MRI. Oh, well.

I did go play cribbage, but walking was out because of the rain. That was a surprise to me, because Ruth usually walks in the rain. It would be pouring and she would tell me it was "drizzling." 
I came back home and decided I would try and work on the table runner and see how far I got. I went on the website to see what was going on in the classroom and was surprised to see more posts then I expected. I found out I could move on to lesson 2 if I felt like I could move on without waiting for the class to start. I thought I would go ahead and and read the next lesson.
I was able to mark the fabric through the window again. I love how it works with light fabric on a cloudy day. It worked out great, and I was able to get it done.
Then I headed back downstairs and worked on the bias tape. I cut 8 strips and made the 1/4" bias tape. I found it worked better when I used a little bigger cut on the fabric than Nancy suggested. She said that could happen.
I then thought about a "filler" for the table runner.

At first I came up with this color to fill in the areas, but the found another one I liked better.

It worked out better, I think. I asked Patrick what he thought and he said he'd have to see it finished before he could say, but it looked good so far. He's always like that. I have to do it before he comes back with, yeah or nah. I hate it when I ask and then he decides it's not what he likes, but if I like it that's all that matters.

I decided to start in the middle and placed the "filler." I didn't want to cut out 4 individual pieces to go in here, so cut one big square to work with. That way the seams wouldn't overlap. I then started appliqueing the bias tape down. Remember - I'm left handed, so started on the left.

I worked from the center square out to where the thimble is. Then I ended the thread. I then pinned the tape around like a road. Since this part has a curve, I have to come from the center and work my way back - on the inside curve. It's a lot of fun. My tape is long, so I can get a lot done. I'm looking forward to seeing the end results. Since this is Nancy's class, I'm not going to say anymore about what I do, and will just show the results.

After bowling tonight Patrick turned on the TV to The Middle, a show I can not stand! I hate comedy shows that have to explain what they are doing or talk through the show. What is with that?! As if I can't figure out the joke, it has to be explained to me? Ugh. There are too many comedy shows that aren't worth my watching. I tend to go back to the hour shows like NCIS (all three), and whatever else catches my eye. I miss the older shows where you didn't see the details and things were as they were, not having to be told what they were.

Okay, tomorrow is another "me" day. I'm hoping, now that the fireplace is fixed, that I can work on a few more projects, and relax in the afternoon with my Celtic table runner. If you get the chance to take the class, I highly recommend it! In the meantime, may you be Happy Quilting!

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