Friday, February 6, 2015

Mother, Daughter Day....Sort of....

Today was a day where mom and I planned to have the day to ourselves, working on the baby quilt and working on my Affairs of the Heart quilt. I wanted to get over there by 9 am but ended up talking on the phone to a neighbor who moved to TX for over an hour. It was more informative than friends chatting.

I then headed over to moms, with all kinds of stuff. Some of the stuff was for dad, from Art. Most was my stuff for the quilt to work on. I also took my quilt to show my Physical Therapist, and he was thrilled with it. He even told me once I get my shoulder fixed, he wants to talk to me about making him a quilt for his wife. Don't think he realizes I tend to take 10 years to make a quilt! Will see what he wants and see if mom can get involved as she's a heck of a lot quicker than I am.

Okay, back to mom, daughter day. Arrived at mom's around 9:30 am to be told a friend was going to join us. She hoped I didn't mind, as our friend was bored at her place. I said "that's fine." She arrived about 30 minutes later, and helped mom with the baby quilt, while I was cutting out the bear parts. I then left to go to PT, and came back about 30 mins later. They had it all set and even figured out the fabric for the back of one of mom's Baltimore Album quilts she finished. She's getting it ready to quilt. As I arrived, I asked what they where doing, and was informed they were going to sit down and quilt.

I then said, "We need to work on my Affairs of the Heart first. Oh, okay. They then helped square up the blocks while I laid them out on the floor for placement.

This was the order that was in the book.

Then we moved the blocks around (not a lot).

Then made one final change. This is what I we picked, and then at the last minute made one more change. I'll show that tomorrow.

After all this was done, they decided it was time to eat. So, we went into the kitchen, made sandwiches and ate. After that, mom asked what next, and I said, sew the quilt together. She said her sewing machine was in there, and I could "have at it." So....went to the machine, and she couldn't find her bobbins. 15 mins later, still couldn't find her bobbins. Told her at that point, not to bother, I can do it at home.

So, she pulls out all her 9 patches, and goes down the hall to figure out how she was going to sew them up. We put all the 9 patches on the bed and moved them around. She then said she will sew them up before she goes to bed tonight. At that point our friend and I left.

Got home and Patrick was here. He wanted to go out, and called my folks to see if they wanted to go as well. They did, and came over right away. We drove down to Longview, and had supper. Got home and sat for another hour before I was able to come downstairs and get working on this quilt. I'm hoping to get most of it together, so I can figure out the border. Still have applique to do on the borders. Was hoping I had it to the point of starting to set the applique but it didn't work out.

So much for mother, daughter day. AGAIN, when will I learn?! I've been through this so many times, I should know what to expect. No worries, I'm okay with it, just hate planning and finding out I should NEVER plan when it comes to mom. At least I was (partly) Happy Quilting!


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