Friday, February 20, 2015

MRI Day.....ugh.

This morning I was up and walking with my neighbor. Patrick slept in till I got back. We then went up to Olympia for my MRI test.

I waited about a half hour to go in. When they called my name, she asked if I needed to use the bathroom, and I figured, "what the heck" and said yes. Afterwards was taken outside to a trailer. That was a first. This huge door opened and we walked in. I almost felt like I was in a movie. Anyway, had to take off everything that had metal to it. She did let me keep my ring on. Walked into the room, and got ready for the machine. They asked if I had questions, and said nope. (Afterwards I did!) She fastened me into the "bed" and told me it would be loud. I was given ear plugs. Once she was done, I closed my eyes. I was then moving into the machine. Once in there, I looked up and quickly shut my eyes! It was way too close for comfort! I almost started to freak. She gave me a button to push if I needed them to stop and they would help me. I told myself I would not freak out. So, the whole time the machine was making noise, I was trying to think of a story, or even fall asleep. NOT happening. I keep thinking of things to say, stories to tell, prayed, and anything I could without moving an inch. I even had to scratch my ear and wiggle my noise, but NOPE wasn't happening. Then after a long time, I finally was pulled out of the machine. She told me not to move. I must have stayed there for about 10 minutes before she said I was done. Got my stuff back, and found out that one part of the machine wasn't working, so they only got 2 angles to the 3 angles they needed to get. I walked out to Patrick and he asked if they did it because the machine was done. I told him they think they have enough for my doctors appointment. Guess they were turning people away till they got the machine fixed.  I'm hoping they got all they needed, because I'm not wanting to do that again! I then went to the bathroom to put my bra back on. lol

We then went shopping before coming home. I worked on some genealogy for about an hour. I found a few more papers with information on it, and decided to work on putting that information in my program.

Last night I worked on the afghan, and today I'm going to replay the video to see how to do the bend on the table runner. No clue what this weekend will be like. I'm still in pain, but not letting it stop me from working on my projects.

Mom called and told me she has 4 of her baskets done from the P3 Designs BOM. I've only gotten two baskets, but not the flowers. Will work on those AFTER the table runner is done. I also want to get started on quilting the wall hanging, but not sure my shoulder will handle it. The sooner I get this done the sooner I can move on. Looking forward to being even more Happy Quilting.

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