Friday, February 27, 2015

Quilting Day at Moms

Today was a weird day. I don't know if anyone could have planned it this way. It started out like normal - walking and cribbage.

Then as I'm getting ready to head out to moms, I got a text, and another, and another. So, I'm answer texts, the phone rings, and I answer that. Then I start to finish the text after the phone call, and she decides to call instead. So by the time all these calls where done, it was 9:45 am. Usually I'm at moms by then. I finally get there, and one of our quilters needs dads heart monitor. We get her hooked up and she's in the stroke range and talking like she is going to have a stroke. Hildi and I rush her to the ER room at the hospital. She had a miny stroke and they are keeping her over night.

I finally get back to moms place at 11:30 am. Lots of excitement! I pull out my bag and go through it looking for my Celtic table runner.....nope, not what. My Celtic bag had my scissors, thimble, thread and project. Now what?! Oh, I brought my book of basket blocks. I pulled out one of the blocks I already appliqued the baskets for, and started working on the flower.

I got started on the peddles of the flower. It really did go well. It was pretty quick.

This is the folder I was telling you about yesterday. I put the fabric in there as well because I need to cut some out for the next flower.

This is the one I actually worked on too. It's the fourth block. I will work on the others later.

Before I took a shower this morning, I went out and took some photos of the bamboo trees we have outside. I loved it that the water was still on the leaves and branches.

Okay, so when I finally got home around 2 pm, I sat down and played on my tablet. At 4 pm mom called asking me to run up to Edith's house and tell her husband to bring a book. Apparently he can't hear the phone - which I figured out when I had to call my walking partner to go up and get him and bring him to the hospital. So, I walked up the road - yes it's up a nice hill - and when I got there the dogs were barking but no one answered. I called mom back and she told me, "That's okay, he's here, he just got her a few minutes ago." My thought was - why didn't you call me back and tell me, that hill is a pretty steep hill! Then I figured, "what the heck, I needed the exercise!" Got home just before Patrick and we went out to eat. After dinner we went grocery shopping.

Deep breath, and another. The last two days have not been my favorite and my happy/sad mood is up and down with all the stuff going on in my life. I've she tears and I've laughed, so life is good and I still keep going with my projects. Wondering what the next few days will bring. I can do this! Happy Quilting!

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