Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quilting Tuesday

Another one of those days. Walked, played cribbage, and took my time getting to the quilt group. I took my Hawaiian to show. We didn't have a lot of quilters compared to normal. It's funny, I don't know if it's me, or if I'm crazy (yea, I know I am!). When I go to meetings and have something to say or do, everyone seems to be busy chatting or not even caring that I want to show something. Kinda like today, I brought the quilt, and when they said it was show and tell time, they started leaving, cleaning up or even moving around. Judy made me pull the quilt out and helped me hold it up. That didn't seem to stop anyone from doing what they were doing. I did hear how nice the quilt was (etc.).
I'm so used to that, that I usually sit back and watch. Told Judy if they didn't want to see it, then I didn't need to show it. Our groups tend to leave early too, so wasn't sure what was going on. AND people wonder why I don't show my work or share. No worries, I just laugh and say that's okay.

I worked on the Bountiful Baskets at the group meeting. I took off the side "humps" as I didn't like the way they were looking after I made them. I hope this will look okay, but each basket is different so I think it will look fine. I need to put the flowers in the baskets, and then I can have two blocks done. I didn't work on the "guilt wall" blocks today. I was telling Judy how much I'm getting tired of that block - and to think! I'm doing two of them!! I must have been crazy when I thought I could make one for me and one for Katt. UGH. I did add more leaves on the blocks and will work on those as well.

I got home to Charlie waiting for me. She met me at the car. We then came into the house, and I played a few games. I pulled out the baby afghan to work on as well.

This was where I was last night, and at the writing of this I have a row of the green over the white row. I'll be changing to the white row again here soon. It's going pretty fast, but not as fast as I used to be with crocheting. I should have this done in plenty time for the baby. I know the baby is a girl, but I got the yarn from my walking partner and won't complain of the color. I told her it was a baby girl, and we agreed to these. Her yarn room looks like my quilt room. I used to have that much yarn too, but cut that down when I got into quilting. Good thing I did!

Yesterday was a "bummer" day. I was bummed the Seahawks lost, and was surprised at how disappointed I was. I usually figure, Oh, Well....but not this time. My heart was crushed! But at the same time, I back my team and figure we will get another chance at it next year. I'm a 12 fan and my team is AWESOME! Better than any team out there!

Today was a quiet day....Oh, I know what I didn't write~ I'm making butter right now. I had some cream that was dated for March, but since I've had it for a month, and haven't used it, decided to pull it out and make butter. Since I have never made butter, I only put about 1/4th of the cream in the frozen mixer. I whipped it for quiet a long time. I was amazed at how the butter turned out! It was so good, I'm going to finish off the cream and make another batch of butter. I added salt, and yes, I added just a little too much, but not enough for me to throw it out! lol

Tomorrow is when the gas guy comes to work on our gas fireplace. I'm looking forward to having that fixed so I can go downstairs and get stuff done! I need to make the group block for next month, and I need to mark the table runner for the class. I noticed the class is closed now. It will be offered later on again. So....I'm not planning this...but.....maybe I can get the bias tape cut tomorrow and mark the table runner.....that would really make me Happy Quilting!

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