Friday, February 13, 2015


Friday is here, and it was busy! I didn't go to the quilt group meeting because I needed to get a few other things to do. I worked on the Secretary stuff I needed to do with our water system. Then I balanced our check book and cleaned up my sewing room. I even mixed up some cookie dough for Katt when she gets here. That way she can take some cookies back with her.

I worked on this yesterday at the quilt group meeting. I'm really enjoying the way this is coming out. I was also checking out some of the other classes that are offered, and may just take another one later on.

I sat down this afternoon and worked on this again I do like the way it looks. I've got to finish the "last stretch" and then I can get started on the sides. I may have this done in the time we allotted for the class. I posted a post asking others to share their photos.

Katt text'd an hour after she hit the road to say she forgot her dress. I've been looking all over for a 1920's era dress for her. Hopefully we have one she will use. Mom's neighbor has a lot of those, so we may be making a trip over there to get her a dress to borrow.

Even though it was a busy day, and next week is going to be just as busy, I'm still Happy Quilting.

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