Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Planned Day That Actually Worked

Today started out early. I didn't sleep very that well. I sat and played games as well as started to work on the basket block I was working on last night.

This morning I finished this block. I had finished the applique of the last petal and then did the embroidery. This makes block #9 done.

I then went a baked chocolate chip cookies for Patrick. I decided to use up some of my chips that were left over from other things. I had some mints as well as chocolates. They turned out great. I also added nuts.

Then I headed downstairs, while Patrick and Phillip changed oil in their cars.

Since I just needed one row of blocks on the Black and White quilt, I matched them up. Actually I took the row I needed. Put the blocks on the side of the table.

Then I took one block at a time and put it on the table above my sewing machine. Then I sewed each piece according to the block I needed. That way, I didn't end up sewing the wrong block again. I matched each one and finished each block, one or two at a time. When I got down to the end, I sewed a couple pieces wrong and had to take them apart. I was lucky, because I was close to having no more triangles or 4 squares left. I do have some pieces left over to sew together. I'm going to sew them up and use them for the pillow case that will go with the quilt. Now I just need to sew them all together. I trimmed one of the blocks before I gave it up. Patrick wanted to go shopping for supper. lol

Now that I'm upstairs and ready to relax and watch TV, I'll work on block #10 of Bountiful Baskets. They are going fast. It helps that I have a lot of the baskets already done.  I may even pull out the variation nine patch quilt and work on it. Should be interesting. I was thinking I need to find my Baltimore Liberty quilt blocks and work on that as well.

We are doing great. Life is good. Happy Quilting!

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