Friday, May 29, 2015

An Actual Quilting Day

Today was another walking and cribbage day. Afterwards, I came home and relaxed till after lunch. Then I headed back downstairs to finish up the Black and White quilt.

I had all the sets sewn together - after I fixed the 2 mistakes that we found yesterday. I then took this photo for Katt. I still need to do the borders. The borders will be a black and orange border with a black as binding. Patrick and I were talking about finding an orange sheet for the back. If I get a set, I can cut the "fitted" part for the border. We'll see what we can find. I even started sewing some pieces together for a pillow case. Now if we find a sheet, I may just use that pillow case for the quilt.

Since the Black and White was done for now, I started back on quilting the other butterfly quilt.

I worked on this side of the quilt. I was able to get a few stitches in.

I just need to quilt a few more stitches toward the right. Then I can roll the quilt again. I didn't realize I was half way on the center piece. I'm getting a little excited about working on this quilt again. I just hope I don't find a few more "dirty" lines. Now I can take my sewing machine to the shop to get cleaned and then see if there is anything else I want to sew on.

This is the restroom in McMenamins in Centralia. Patrick and I went out to eat before going to the movie. This is a fun place to wash your hands! lol

Now I'm back home and going to get a few things done.....Happy Quilting!

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