Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday at Retreat - Day 3

This morning both Donna and I slept a little later, and passed on breakfast. I had my protein bar and orange. I'm happy.

We worked on our stuff all morning, then had lunch. Lunch was pulled pork and oriental salad. I actually got thirsty for a coke, so I had to buy myself a soda. Yes, Katt, it's coke and not Pepsi.

After lunch we tied our shirts. David Christensen told everyone how to do this. He does awesome work with quilts and everything he does! You can find his patterns at Starlight Studios.

A couple people used leaves to design their shirts. Not sure how the will come out, but it will be fun. David will rinse out the shirts later. I'll be taking pictures of the end results later tonight.

We were loaded with colors! We had a blast!!

Toni from our Mt. St. Helen's group put the blocks together that she got at Christmas time. The bottom middle is the one I made. I like the way it came out!

Katt, is this what you were thinking? Can I add some of  the color in the quilt as well?
I have almost reached half on this quilt. I'm still sewing the squares and triangles They are taking time but they are scraps, and I'm treating them as scraps. While Patrick is gone, I may actually get it done! At least I'm hoping. I also have a couple of patterns that I will use for the other two quilts.

I'm going to use the snowman UFO blocks as snowballs and use scraps around it. I borrowed Donna's book and I designed a design I like for he butterfly. Just need to figure out colors and where I'm going to put them. I'll show that later, when I'm home and start working on it. I bought fabric for it before I came here. Right now I'm taking a break and sewing up the 4 1/2 " squares. That way when I get home, I can put it all together and sew it up.

Tonight I will probably stay up all night again. We hit the hay at about midnight. I want to get more done before I leave, so I may end up appliqueing the eagle and having it done or just work on something else!

Happy Quilting!!

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