Saturday, December 19, 2015

Enjoying the Day Together

Patrick and I have been enjoying another Saturday together. We went to the casino and left quicker than usual. They had some tight machines. lol

Came home and worked on our peanut brittle. We got a batch for ourselves this time. Funny how all those cookies and batches of fudge were given away. We didn't keep as much this year. We really don't need all the sweets. It was a good way to keep the sweets away from eating them all.

I haven't sat down to quilt yet. That is my next idea for tonight. Sorry, not much to report about. Been going through all the things I need to get back to. Seems I'm in a slow "spot" right now. I do hope to have the square done with the ship.

Tomorrow is off to the movies to see "Star Wars." Then it's bowling. Not sure if I will be posting tomorrow. I will try to get something done so there is something to post.

Happy Quilting!

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