Friday, December 18, 2015

From One Place to Another.....

Today was another one of those days where I couldn't walk because of the rain. We would normally walk in the past. With Ruth having her knees done we decided it would be better to wait for a dry day to walk. With the winter coming we will probably not be able to walk as much. We would have walked this afternoon, but that wasn't going to happen.

I went to moms for our meeting. I took my gift for the Christmas party. I knew I would have to leave around 11:30/45 am. Mom knew that. I called to see if the sandwich was still there from Wednesday so I could eat it on the way to my doctors office. Nope, mom and dad eat it yesterday. lol

I didn't have the time to go looking for my applique that I need to work on. So, I took my Brazilian embroidery instead. While I was there I was able to work on the upper area where the wheat is.

I also worked on the area of the wheat on this side too. I need to get started on the flower where the circle is. We have our meeting on Monday. I'll be able to work on it then.

They realized I had to go, so they decided to get started on the gift exchange. Patrick showed up just as we were getting started. I picked my gift and left it just in case they wanted to "steal it." Got back from a busy day to find out I still had the gift, and mom had the gift I took. lol

After leaving moms we headed to doctors. I got right in, but waited 30 minutes for them to bring the information back to me. I had to go out and see if they were still around. Too funny! We went to get my prescription. Then headed to the casino not far from there.

After the casino we went back to moms to pick up the truck.

Came home and quilted while watching a movie.

This block is about 2/3's done. This is the block that I took out! I'm happy to say it's working out better now. I was moving along great! Happy Quilting!

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