Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thought I Was Done With Pot Holders!

Today was a "lazy" day. At least most of the day. At night we bowled. I did pretty good, but not what I would have liked to have bowled.

Patrick worked outside. I worked on the hot holders for next Sunday. I wanted to get it all done. I needed to get back to the quilt for my Aunt.

I finished the two I needed for the "extra" gift. Then I decided to finish up the one from the first color yarn.

I finished it up with the purple yarn I had for the others. This one is going in my kitchen drawer. I do like to mix and match yarn some times. It makes things look really cool. These two colors didn't hurt being together. It probably would have been prettier if I had more of the purple. I just wanted to use up what I had.

Last night I was able to get more done on the quilt. I have the outer area of the design to quilt. Then I should be done. I'm thinking I will work on the binding and then finish it up more. I'm still thinking on the border area. I may do a few leaves for a quilting pattern and quilt leaves on the edge. I'll have to think about it. I'd have it so the leaves look like they are falling around the design.

This is another area that shows what I need to do. I do have one more leaf that needs quilting around it, but it is only a small area.

Tomorrow is Brazilian embroidery. Then I have a list of things I need to do. We went to Walmart on the way to bowling. I picked up yarn for the gift we will give at one of the bowling parties. I need to make more pot holders! I'm going to make a big one and two smaller ones. I will also do a few wash rags. We picked up some chocolate to go with them. I also picked up some chocolate to go with the gifts I'm giving. I need to go back to Walmart tomorrow for Patrick's gift. I'm not sure if I want to go there or go to Kmart. I may check them both out and see which one I will get. I have to pick up the gifts I had made on Friday. Then I need to go to the quilt shop and get the bag for our party on Thursday.

Thursday is the party with our group. I have to leave early because we are going to the Oakridge Boys concert. Should be fun! I'm looking forward to it. I usually don't do good at concerts, but the last two we went to was okay. Wednesday is the eye doctors visit......let's see if I can see! Should be interesting to see how bad my eye sight has gotten. lol Might explain why I walk crooked!

 I need to get moving on Christmas cards. I'm just not in the mood lately. Realized I didn't get the tree out to decorate. I'm going to get moving on the decorations tomorrow. I have Christmas stuff my Aunt gave me that I want to put out. I'll get moving on that this week. I really want to get this house with the spirit. I'm also thinking about wrapping some of the family photos on the wall to look like packages. I'll have to figure out where to put the puzzle if the table is going to be set with Christmas dishes......more to think about. I may really have fun this year. We tried to find a table cloth that was "Christmasy" but Walmart didn't have any. I'll check tomorrow and if I don't find one, I'll use my white table cloth. I'm hoping it will work. May need to add more color to the table otherwise.

Okay, I'm back to planning things. Still missing Charlie and having a hard time without her. Life is hard sometimes, but I need to suck it up and get back on track! I'm not doing too bad because I'm still Happy Quilting!

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