Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day of Fun!

This morning started out with the thought of sleeping in since Ruth wasn't walking. Trouble with that was the cell phone rang and got me out of bed as Patrick was driving away. I called the number back to find out it was a disconnected number. That didn't make me happy!

After Patrick left, I got up and moved around. Got on the computer and checked out the QOV website. I as looking for the patterns. They have a block that they are collecting. It's due on the 15th of the month. I thought about doing it, but decided I won't. I have enough stuff to work on. I even checked out another blog site to see if it was a little better then this one. I like it but need to figure it out a little more before I think of changing. I'm actually thinking of putting the family recipes on that blog so my kids can find the recipes instead of calling me.

Went downstairs - can't believe how easy I fill the counter up and make a mess! I cleaned it up so I could use it. Now it looks worse, but then I didn't finish what I was doing today.

I started putting the square triangles on my guilt wall.

I as moving things around.

I was trying to decide how I like it. I still need to make more triangle squares.
Donna sent the photo of the finished top! I love it!! This was done by both of us. We even have someone to quilt it for us. I'm really loving this!!

Then I pulled out my scrap 9 patches blocks. I ended up taking out some of the work I did before. I need to make more half square triangles.

I got 5 blocks that are completed. I have about 3 other blocks that are close.

This is where I ended up. Didn't get to finish more blocks, but got plenty of 9 patches to get this done. This is going to be on heck of a big quilt. Not sure what the border will be, but chances are  will be black.

I will get some more half square triangles set up tomorrow. That way I can work on both of the quilts again. I'm at a stopping point. I just hope I have enough muslin to finish this quilt. If not, will try another fabric that is close. Heck, it's a scrap quilt anyway so what difference will it make?!

I did do more on the Brazilian embroidery, but just haven't take another photo. I'm have fun today!

We bowled tonight and I didn't do so good. I did get above my average once. UGH. Looking forward to another day of Happy Quilting!

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