Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Quiet Day......Tried to Relax

Today started out as usual...2.4 mile walk. My phones app wasn't working. Patrick took the car, since I had the day clear. Tomorrow and Friday is quilting but I've decided I'm not going to go to the meeting. Just not in the mood to go and I need a break. We have been very busy for the past week. I needed get back to normal and running around from meeting to meeting wasn't going to get me feeling better.

I worked on my amazon stuff again today. Then I played a few games. I vacuumed and just tried to relax. Tried is the right word....didn't get there.

I did get to work on the genealogy just before Patrick got home. I was able to add some more information in on both the Wiltzius families and the Taylor families. I watched "Who Do You Think You Are?" and was surprised to see Scott Foley was related to Patrick!! He's grandfather that was hung in the witch trials is also Patrick's grandfather! I think Patrick has him as his 10th gr grandfather, while Scott has him as his 9th. Guess our side had children a lot earlier than Scott Foley's side. I'm still adding information and enjoying what I've been entering. I need to work on them, but I also need to keep working on adding the names of the family members. I also need to file those papers away now that I've gone through them. I also need to write some more letters to go on the other blog. I've just got so much stuff I want to do and little time to do it all. Between genealogy and quilting they both take a lot of time and I pretty much need to figure out which is more important to get moving. AND then I think they both are equally back to square one...where do I start and what am I going to work on.

I need to let things go. I seem to worry about things that don't matter. When it's all said and do, who is going to know? If I try really hard to make things perfect....who's going to say two weeks from now that I did a good job? It's going to be forgotten and life will more on. So, I need to let it go. I work on committees and try hard, but all in all, I need to calm down and let stuff go. RELAX...that's where I need to be right now.

Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring...Happy Quilting!

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