Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Teaching Day...An Awesome Day

Today started out as usual, yep, I went walking again surprise there, right?!

After walking I got home and got prepared for the "2 Fabric Applique" class. It was mostly getting scissors, light box, needles, pins, and markers. I was thinking of taking some applique that is reverse applique to work on. Never did get to that point.

The cat was at the shop up on the wall. I had 4 people in the class. It really worked out great. We had a great time. It went really well and I was able to do applique backwards! I couldn't believe it, but I was able to show how to do the applique a lot better than I did when I tried to do it in the Beginner class in Nov. We had enough light boxes because I went and got moms. Sharon brought 2 as well, so with 4 people we were able to have a box with each person. We started early and got going. I was enjoying how easy it went. I love the colors everyone came up with on their "2 Fabric Applique" quilt. One was a Rose, one the Acorn one I did a while back, and the other was the Dog pattern. I have the dog, just haven't done it yet. I really loved the colors they came up with. Time flies when one has fun! They will be basting the quilt for awhile. One or two of them are taking the class with Nancy Chong, so I'm thinking they should be ready with the quilt when that time comes.

I bought some fabrics at the shop while I was there. I wanted to get some fabrics to go with the QOV quilt I'm doing for dad. They are colors I'm not "comfortable" with but will work with. I'm sure they will work. I "kinda" like them, so I'm happy with my choice. Tomorrow before going to the quilt group, I need to get something going to work on. I don't have much in progress...which means I need to get more applique set for taking places to work on. I could take the eagle, but not quite there yet.

I had a great day being Happy Quilting!

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