Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Day at the Casino....Cross Stitching next....

This morning wasn't a day of walking...which would have been better! I was up and at my folks dropping off apples by 7:30 am. Next stop was at Art's to go to the Red Wing Casino in Yelm. I drove, because of his eye sight, I always drive.

We arrived around 9 am. He went to the keno area and I went to the non smoking area. I went to the games I like and do pretty good at....till today....but I can't complain, I did win $20 right off the bat. Shame that didn't keep going. I played my favorite games and didn't get very far. Then I went to try another game...not any better. My money was dropping fast, and I had about 2 more hours to go! Ruth hauled at me, as she was there too! We played at my favorite game. Neither one of us did any good. Then we went to the Wolf Run game. We were doing good with 40 cents a shot! I was bouncing up and down like a ball while Ruth was staying steady at her machine. I moved around, but she did great at her machine. She had 6 bonuses while I was working on my second. Then I look over and she's got another bonus. She won $18 first, then next spin she won $20. Then next thing she won was $74!! We both were in shock! We laughed at how she kept winning and I was lucky to be moving at all. Then I looked at her bid! She hit "max bet!" She was in shock, she didn't know she did and we both burst out laughing. By the time her bonus was over, she won $157! So, she did great. Me, well, I was down to $27 by lunchtime. We met Art at the Deli and he won over $200!! I couldn't believe I was the one that was behind! I only won $2 on keno....but I did come home with a little more than the $27 I had before lunch. UGH! Should have stayed home!

Stopped in to see the folks when I got back. They were busy in the kitchen. They got a lot of apples from us, plums, and pears from someone else. They were cooking the plums and trying to give me some. Nope, didn't want to do any more cooking.

Stopped and visited with Patrick. Then came home. It was about 4 pm before I finally made it home.

I was able to get this much done last night. It's coming along. I'm surprised at how much fun it has been working on this. I quit the top area because I had the same color for two different spots. I asked Christine Haus (Stitching Shop) if she could send me the one I don't have. Then today I noticed I have another duplicate for two colors. I went downstairs and pulled out my DMC colors for the two I needed. Decided I'm not going to worry about 2 colors. All my stitches are the Madeira floss. It's like someone said the other day...."Who's going to know what floss we use - other than us?" Good point.

Tomorrow I'm home. I'm going to enjoy being able to go downstairs tomorrow and quilt. I can also get caught up on laundry and then watch a few shows I've been dying to watch! In the meantime, I'm going to get caught up on my mess (put a few things away and clean up a mess I made looking for something!)

So, I'm really, really looking forward to tomorrow. Not that I'm not looking forward to working on my cross stitch when I'm done here.....Happy Quilting!


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