Friday, August 5, 2016

A Long Day.....

Today started out with a little peace and quiet. Patrick slept in. He's starting to take Friday's off because he's in that stage of "use it or loose it." So, for the next few months, he's planning on taking Fridays off.

I went to the folks at about 10 am because my dad had to take my older brother and the rest of the family to the airport. I stayed with mom while he was gone.

She ended up in the emergency room last night. The good news is, that she didn't drink enough water, so she swelled too much. She was back home by midnight. I made sure she was taking enough to drink today. So, we watched TV. She had a couple shows that look really good and I'm going to have to tape them when I find them on the tube.

I did clean out the refrigerator, washed it down, and re-loaded it. I throw out a lot of stuff. The refrigerator doesn't look the same. lol

I didn't get any crafts done, just wasn't in the mood. Sat and enjoyed my time with mom. She did fall asleep a couple times, but that was good. I just enjoyed what we were doing. I even prepared lunch for her with some of the left over rice.

Tonight I'm going to try and get more done on the cross stitch. Not sure what this weekend will bring. Time will tell. I'm sure mom will call to see what I'm doing on Monday, or even this weekend. We'll deal with it later.

Happy Quilting!


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