Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Rainy Day of Fun

Today started out with a phone ringing waking me up. Patrick had just left. That was fine with me. I was up and showered. The phone was another one of those "unavailable" phone numbers. They seem to call at least 3 times a day. Getting tired of all those calls, but just let the answer machine pick them up.

I went downstairs thinking I could get a few hours in on the quilt before coming up to watch my shows on DVR.

I worked my way down to the right side of the quilt. I was able to get it going pretty good. I probably could have had this done, but I was busy with playing on the table as much as I was in quilting on this. I still was able to get a couple hours in on it.

I finished up the butterfly, so it's done. Now I just need to get about 6" to the border with the border to finish it up. Then I need to finish up the border once it's off the frame.

Once I got going, it was fun to get more done. This is where I quit it this morning. I'll work on it again tomorrow.

It is rolled to the point where it won't go any farther. So, this is where I need to get it done! I need to just sit down and work on it.....tomorrow.

Then I headed upstairs. I went through my cook books to see if I could find a good chicken recipe - now this is a hard task, because of picky eaters in this house! So, as I read some recipes, there was tomatoes, garlic, bread crumbs, etc.....half of them had mayo! Mayo is out in this household. Patrick gags on mayo of any kind. So, half the recipes were..."nope"...while the others had something that was a ......"nope"....leaving me back in the beginning - what to make. So, I went back to our old favorite and did lemon chicken, which needed to cook a good hour and a half.

When I wasn't working on cooking or looking for a recipe, I was cross stitching.

My heart seems to keep me coming back to working on this one.

I was able to get a good 400 stitches in this afternoon. It's really going pretty fast. I'm really enjoying working on this. I am itching to get back to my birds with embroidery too. I may have to do this and that next.......

NO, I NEED, NEED, NEED TO WORK ON DAD'S QUILT!! I really do! I pulled out the triangles today and really do need to iron those and put some star blocks together....I'm really bad about putting this off. I keep telling myself my dad won't live forever, and it would be nice to have it done before he goes. I have his stripes ready to applique on. I really need to go down and cut the fabric out and have that ready to work on. I will try to do that tomorrow. Since quilting is Friday - yea, I know, at the folks - I could put them together. I need to get that, let's see what I really end up doing tomorrow.......

Happy Quilting!

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